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We're professional problem solvers. If you're looking for the right solution for your
business, association, or campaign, you have come to the right place.


We take pride in our political expertise and professional relationships to achieve positive results for businesses and organizations of all sizes. Whether you're looking for full-service lobbying, government relations, or just monitoring and reporting a single piece of legislation; Balzano Government Relations is here to help you with a customized plan.

Governent, public affairs, lobbying

We provide a full range of lobbying, government relations, public relations services
within the executive, legislature, regulatory, and municipal branches of government.

At Balzano Government Relations, we don’t just build brands, we build lasting relationships that deliver real-world impact for our clients. As industry leaders in government and public affairs, we have a skilled group of bipartisan legislative, public policy, and issue advocacy experts who will help you access, persuade and motivate constituents, key stakeholders, and elected officials.


Dedicated to helping you successfully navigate the complex work of public policy, we’re with you every step of the way – lobbying our nation’s governors, pounding the pavement on Capitol Hill, problem-solving with federal agencies, and helping move public opinion. No matter the problem, we are relentless in our unmatched pursuit of its most optimal solution.


Brand identity extends far beyond a slick logo – it’s in essence – a core purpose of your cause. And as your fearless advocate, we are relentless in our pursuit of the best possible messaging to move the needle on your behalf. Determined through research and insight, executed through the lens of your boots-on-the-ground lobbying strategy, our approach is unrivaled, our outcomes undeniable.


Balzano Government Relations team offers experience in strategic political and legal
problem-solving, media and public relations work, public policy initiatives, and campaign
consulting. From supporting our clients securing public finance to passing or stoping legislation, we are here to stand side by side as partners with you in your government relations strategy. 

We have a customized solution for your business, association, organization, or
quasi-government institution.

Santa Fe State Capitol



Balzano Government Relations is one of the premier bipartisan lobbying and
government relations firms in New Mexico. The firm successfully represents leading
organizations and businesses at the legislature & executive branches of government,

regulatory & municipal agencies in New Mexico.


As leaders and experts in your area of industry, you got to protect your assets and support your growth. We have the relationships and expertise in government relations and lobbying to secure what your goal is and by delivering the most effective lobbying and government relations strategy within the municipal & regulatory, executive, and legislative branches of government. 

New Mexico Governors Office

No one else has adopted this effective approach in the industry

Balzano Government Relations is a one-stop-shop for organizations seeking success in major NM municipalities and the roundhouse. Businesses and nonprofits turn to us for real, direct strategies to enact their visions.

Balzano Government Relations helps clients effectively navigate the complexities of a post-COVID New Mexico as the pandemic rapidly shifts the city’s business, political, social, and regulatory landscape. We are the first urban strategy firm to offer the full multitude of services needed to successfully manage business, nonprofit, civic, and real estate initiatives from start to finish.

Having strategy guidance from experts that have achieved success in many municipalities around the state – not just theoretical guidance – is vital to being successful in the COVID-19 and post-COVID-19 era. We believe combining lobbying with an ability to conduct relevant market research, secure capital for projects, and engage the private and public sector in smart ways is crucial to help our clients achieve sustainable success.

Balzano Government Relations Business Approach
New Mexico State Capitol


We look, think, explore, guide, uncover, discover, and, most importantly, dream in one direction: forward. 

Our full-service capabilities have created some of the most iconic government public relations campaigns. We’re passionate about telling stories that shift culture, get people talking, and move them to action. We uncover insights that are deep, true, and actionable and then we build with you groundbreaking creative strategies on top of them. 


Balzano Government Relations is committed to operating in accordance with our guiding principles of:

Integrity: our approach is honest, truthful, and reliable
Teamwork: our staff work collaboratively in partnership with our clients toward a common goal
Creativity: we address issues with imagination, resourcefulness, and vision
Excellence: we aim to provide the highest quality service and advice


These principles inform every aspect of our business and help us to preserve and promote the best interest of our clients, our employees, the environment and the communities throughout the state of New Mexico. 

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