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About Us: About Us

Operating as a complete team and a unique business model, we advocate for you and lobby on your behalf to address your specific needs. We are proud to provide you with our expertise, experience, and relationships in government affairs.

Get to know your Balzano Government Relations Team below.


Cris Balzano


With over ten years of experience in diplomacy, public policy, and government relations, Cris Balzano has built a reputation as an artful negotiator and top-notch government relations strategist. During law school, Cris interned in the White House for the Executive Office of the President. Later he worked for the U.S. State Department. Before creating his firm, he worked for the N.M. House of Representatives as a bipartisan analyst for the Judiciary Committee. His areas of expertise include public financing & Capital Outlay Funding, education, public safety & health, economic development, and tribal regulations. Recognized for his thoughtful and mature approach to solving complex issues, clients appreciate Cris's composed and calm manner in the face of political adversity and value the successful outcomes he has achieved, whether traversing New Mexico state capital, county seats, city halls, or tribal councils. 


Cris built a reputation as an artful consultant by working under the mentorship of top advisers in federal and state government on numerous issues involving constituents, law, policy, and business relations, both domestic and international. 


As a millennial, Cris shares a dynamic social and cultural background with diverse insight that promotes excellent opportunities for success. 


The blend of mentorship by top lobbyists and former senior government officials provides the perfect expertise to develop winning government relations campaigns. 


Domenica oversees the firm's business operations, including financial management and client services. Domenica's responsibilities include managing budgets, contracts, accounts receivable, forecasting, documenting, and business. Domenica manages communications, human resources, and payroll. In addition, she supports the firm's legislative monitoring system and is responsible for transparency and reporting to the New Mexico Secretary of State. 


Domenica's background in communications, management, and business strategy informs her daily work at the Balzano Government Relations. It adds value to our clients' representation in the New Mexico State government. Domenica has significant parliamentary strategy experience. She supports Balzano Government Relations clients, monitoring public hearings, committee work, and executive, interim and regular sessions by keeping clients informed of legislative developments.


Domenica is a graduate of Anderson School of Management at The University of New Mexico. She holds a degree in International Management. Domenica is like the Solar Probe Plus. When the heat is on, she's there, excelling in conditions others can't. 

Domenica Romaniello




Allison supports the virtual and social image of our firm. From web design to social media; information technology to content creation. She has been in the marketing industry for over a decade and completed her Masters in Marketing, with whom we are proud to partner. 

Allison's strong marketing and media relations skills were evident when we joined in partnership with her firm. Her firm promotes and enhances the business environment, cultural activities, and virtual appearance. Allison is instrumental in raising the profile of our firm and is here to help our clients when needed using social media and unique marketing strategies.


Corey served as a staff member for the Majority Office. He has a strong background in parliamentary strategy. Corey is the go-to crisis management expert at our firm. Corey's ability to think outside the box and rapidly deliver management crisis strategies effectively positioned our clients to its key targets. Corey has been heavily involved in government relations campaigns in the four corners states. 


In recent years Corey has been the public policy architect of several significant legislative and regulatory initiatives, including the restructure and merge of N.M. State Medical Board and N.M. Osteopathic Medical Board. Mr. Rivas, the professional focus includes public funding, capital outlay, health & human services, and business to government partnerships. 


Mr. Rivas has a strong and established political campaign strategy firm, Rivas Strategies, LLC., with which we are proud to have a business relationship.

Corey Rivas
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